Non-Permanent Body & Genital Modifications

In Black Rock City on
the Playa in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada

camp pump


Getting There 2002

stickers.jpg (42426 bytes) bay_bridge2.jpg (260278 bytes) bay_bridge1.jpg (334823 bytes) In 2002, I rented a red pickup truck in San Francisco for the 7-hour drive to Burning Man (4+ hours to Reno with a 90-minute shopping stop and 2+ more hours to the Black Rock Desert).  For the second time in my life, I would attend Burning Man, this time as an organized camp.  My friend Terry had set out 4 days ahead of me to establish our base camp.  Why does this sound like an Everest expedition story?

i80_1.jpg (20719 bytes) i80_2.jpg (13202 bytes) i80_3.jpg (21015 bytes) i80_4.jpg (17080 bytes) It was a beautiful drive up Interstate 80, up through Truckee, the Donner Pass and down the other side towards Reno. Four hours.  Right on the marm.  Blow by all the casino screaming out my name.  No time. No money.  Gotta burn!  Gotta pump!

pump1.jpg (43832 bytes) pump2.jpg (29041 bytes) pump3.jpg (36152 bytes) pump4.jpg (36845 bytes) pump5.jpg (25349 bytes) After stocking up at the Reno Wal Mart, I set out eastbound on I-80 in my magnetic bumper sticker-covered rent-a-wreck and turned north onto Nevada 447 with my supplies, pumping equipment and raging hardon lodged in my cock & ball pumping cylinder.  On the right, you'll see the story of the hitch-hiker I picked just 20 minutes north of the interstate.  Unfortunately, he was ill prepared and I, too, had forgotten a number of items for our 5-day desert adventure. We decided to double back to Sparks and grab the missing necessities.

pee1.jpg (59525 bytes) pee2.jpg (47971 bytes) pee3.jpg (42861 bytes) It turns out he's an exhibitionist.  A pissing exhibitionist.  A pee exhibitionist that didn't mind peeing at a gas station in the middle of Reno!  Talk about doing something naughty at the pump!

pyramid_lake1.jpg (32460 bytes) pyramid_lake2.jpg (49448 bytes) pyramid_lake3.jpg (46553 bytes) pyramid_lake4.jpg (39433 bytes) We stopped at  Pyramid Lake and took some pictures of your pumping host.

entry01.jpg (41023 bytes) entry02.jpg (41495 bytes) entry03.jpg (44837 bytes) entry04.jpg (39619 bytes) And when, you finally get there ... take of all your fucking clothes, meet the greeter and let her show your sorry ass off to everyone else that's coming to Burning Man!

entry05.jpg (30857 bytes) entry06.jpg (24230 bytes) Everyone out of the dam truck for a completely unabashed display of nudity!


hitch00.jpg (165427 bytes) I first saw the cars stopped in the distance ahead on Nevada 447, about 20 minutes north of Wadsworth.  As I got closer I realized they, too, were headed to Burning Man.  Wasn't everyone on this highway on this weekend headed there?  They had just let one of their own out onto the highway.  After passing by and driving a few more miles, I realized I had forgotten some very important items for this trip and decided to double back to Sparks or Reno.

hitch01.jpg (39971 bytes) hitch02.jpg (46101 bytes) hitch03.jpg (25369 bytes) hitch04.jpg (27533 bytes) hitch05.jpg (22405 bytes) As I was returning, the previously stopped cars passed me on their way to Burning Man.  Funny.  Just ahead was the guy.  The one they let out on the road.  Hitch-hiking.  Nude.  Heading AWAY from Burning Man.  As I approached the solitary figure with no other vehicles in sight, I pulled onto the shoulder.  He had clothes.  But for some reason he decided to hold them, not wear them.  We exchanged pleasantries and why we were each headed towards Reno / Sparks.  Strange how people meet.  I told him to get in.  Maybe he liked what he saw.  This is our adventure ...

hitch06.jpg (39292 bytes) hitch07.jpg (45154 bytes) Turns out he's a porn star.  Go figure.  From San Francisco.  We actually lived near each other in Los Angeles in the 1990's.  Strange how fate deals you the cards sometimes.  No sooner had we gotten a few miles down the road (we both decided to stay naked), than he's gotta pee.  So when we stop, we both get out naked and I tell him we're going to take some pictures.  No arguments.  He just hops out a does his business for me and the camera, traffic and all ...

hitch08.jpg (46628 bytes) hitch09.jpg (54611 bytes) hitch10.jpg (25063 bytes) hitch11.jpg (51697 bytes)

kmart.jpg (60980 bytes) Meanwhile, back at the K-Mart in Reno, we spend another $150 on "necessities."

dinner.jpg (24382 bytes) Del Taco dinner after Burning Man is over on the way back to the Bay area.  I used to love Del Taco when I lived in California.  Better than Taco Bell, I think.  We don't have Del Taco in the Carolinas.

sunset.jpg (9728 bytes) Sunset with my new porn star friend.  Perhaps we'll meet again some day.



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