Non-Permanent Body & Genital Modifications

In Black Rock City on
the Playa in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada

camp pump


Getting There 2001

bm01_rent1.jpg (78245 bytes)In 2001, I rented a car and drove myself to the "great unknown" event for the first time with only basic preparations from the Reno Wal Mart, what little I could bring on an airplane and the knowledge that my pumper friend, Terry awaited me in the Black Rock Desert with a fully established camp site.


pyramid_lake02.jpg (74622 bytes) pyramid_lake03.jpg (92591 bytes) The stop at  Pyramid Lake was awesome.  This is where the famous Truckee River simply ends.  In the Nevada desert.  And evaporates.  A lot of it anyway.

brc2001.jpg (86187 bytes) Once you get to Gerlach, Burning Man is easy to find.  Look to your right.  You can't miss it, 10 miles off in the distance.

entry.jpg (53911 bytes) And then, you finally get there ...


air_nude01.jpg (102834 bytes) air_nude02.jpg (95417 bytes) On the way --- airplane nakedness.

pyramid_lake04.jpg (53768 bytes) People swimming and fishing and taking a break.

pyramid_lake01.jpg (73452 bytes) Highway 447 on the way towards Pyramid Lake.  Here you can find the occasional hitch-hiker on the way to Burning Man.

hitch2001.jpg (45834 bytes) Many of them will be quite daring and unashamed; so long as you're not the Nevada Highway Patrol.  In 2002, the drive got really exciting.


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