Non-Permanent Body & Genital Modifications

In Black Rock City on
the Playa in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada

camp pump



"Forget about inflating those nautical parts.  Join us and inflate your naughty parts!"

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The 2002 theme between August 25 - September 2 (Labor Day) was A FLOATING WORLD.  And our theme was, while the "vanilla crowd inflates their nautical parts (inner tubes, rafts), why not stop by and inflate your naughty parts???"  Camp Pump was set up to receive visitors and pumpers by Monday evening, August 26.  Pumping equipment was available to try out.  Monsternuts (yes, it's me in these pictures) arrived around 2pm on Thursday, August 29 stayed until Monday noon.  Participants could view pumping demonstrations --- both male and female --- on the following APPROXIMATE schedule: 12 noon - 2 pm and 7 pm - 9 pm 

radio_frequency.jpg (75564 bytes)Our "radio frequency" is 12.14, 12.15 & 12.16.  Our "address" is 3300' (Mizzen Street) & 225 (with a large 100' x 200' play space).  We were located just 1 blocks from the Jiffy Lube Camp at 2900' & 225.   We also had a private play area available "out back."




 California cutie & Treasure Island Media porn star Erich Lange from San Francisco who I picked up hitch-hiking on the way to Burning Man.  He was a real "ass-et" on this trip.

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camppump_sunset.jpg (65458 bytes) Camp sunset.

camppump_terry_kurt.jpg (64446 bytes) Camp Pumping

kurt_sucked1.jpg (275744 bytes) kurt_sucked2.jpg (133832 bytes) kurt_sucked3.jpg (125752 bytes) kurt_sucks2.jpg (154971 bytes) kurt_sucks1.jpg (595077 bytes) kurt_sucks3.jpg (285970 bytes) Camp blowjobs.

boy1.jpg (33916 bytes) boy2.jpg (51099 bytes) boy3.jpg (21409 bytes) Boy next door.

alexi.jpg (28022 bytes) Brazilian boy Alexi takes a rest break in our camp.

Canadian cutie Jesse from Calgary, Alberta.

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The "girls" next door from Oregon had at least 1,000 outfits wit them, including wedding attire and Barbi dolls ...

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Next door trailer trash from Arizona posed for one of our camp photogs with no inhibitions, all the while people were walking by .

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trailertrash01.jpg (40669 bytes) trailertrash02.jpg (34896 bytes) The dude's trailer mate watched before letting us snap a couple of pics.

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Random blowjob next door.



Terry & Kurt in camp

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Big camp cock stopped in.

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Wreck Beach in Vancouver, BC

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Desert fuck

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