Non-Permanent Body & Genital Modifications

In Black Rock City on
the Playa in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada

camp pump




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The 2001 Camp Pump at Burning Man event was less about being a camp than about a couple of friends from across the nation getting together and sharing their vacuum pumping experiences at a communal event, all the while planning for the 2002 event.  The pictures on this page are of Monsternuts and friends at Burning Man 2001.  This was an adult camp for those 18 years or older to enter.  Visit Burning Man for detailed information.

ray_packing.jpg (253512 bytes) Ray knocking down on Monday.

rental_car.jpg (55932 bytes) The rental car got trashed.  Rental agencies know what's going on in Reno that week and charge $100 for detailing.

bm01_centercamp4.jpg (46294 bytes) Yes, we were that close to Center Camp !

bm01_compound.jpg (51419 bytes) bm01_tent1.jpg (46531 bytes) bm01_tent2.jpg (54864 bytes) bm01_tent3.jpg (50737 bytes) bm01_tent4.jpg (52829 bytes) bm01_tent5.jpg (34542 bytes) The compound consisted of one sleeping military-style tent and one pumping dome tent.  The dome never did get its skin put on due to a lack of time and laziness, so we just pumped ourselves silly in front of the tent for God and the world to see.

neighbors.jpg (78748 bytes) hotcouple01.jpg (240846 bytes) hotcouple02.jpg (254295 bytes) hotcouple03.jpg (251326 bytes) hotcouple04.jpg (237687 bytes) neighbors02.jpg (246149 bytes) neighbors03.jpg (256283 bytes)


neighbors01.jpg (248719 bytes) These 12 or so guys and girls from Petaluma, California had the way coolest music car and camp I've ever heard ... trance and more.

bm01_andrew_terry3a.jpg (23766 bytes) bm01_andrew_terry2.jpg (30293 bytes) monsternuts_terry01.jpg (244139 bytes) monsternuts_terry02.jpg (259723 bytes) monsternuts_terry03.jpg (260444 bytes) monsternuts_terry04.jpg (259732 bytes) bm01_andrew1.jpg (38354 bytes)

shawna05.jpg (100583 bytes) monsternuts_sister1.jpg (367338 bytes) monsternuts_sister1a.jpg (103702 bytes) monsternuts_sister2.jpg (749454 bytes) monsternuts_sister2a.jpg (185710 bytes) monsternuts_sister2b.jpg (158682 bytes) My temporary girlfriend, Shawna fell in love with my big fat balls.

monique01.jpg (260762 bytes) monique02.jpg (252634 bytes) monique03.jpg (253452 bytes) monique04.jpg (283889 bytes) monique05.jpg (270520 bytes) monique06.jpg (264675 bytes) Monique let me shower her with her while her mom and dad took pictures.

tony01.jpg (45730 bytes) tony02.jpg (37714 bytes) tony03.jpg (41628 bytes) tony04.jpg (52437 bytes) tony05.jpg (37298 bytes) tony06.jpg (55879 bytes) tony07.jpg (55340 bytes) Her dad Tony & mom and sister and friend.


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