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In Black Rock City on
the Playa in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada

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What Burning Man means to me ...

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In 2001, Camp Pump was formed as a loose gathering of vacuum pumpers (temporary body modification) attending Burning Man.  We had no formal camp, members, signs or plans.  We simply got naked and pumped our genitals to huge proportions before walking around to show our artistic handiwork, not unlike tattoos or piercings.

In 2002, we had our first organized camp.  Click below to learn more and see images from our off-the-wall activities!  While we've skipped Transformus Southeast Regional Burn near Asheville, North Carolina, look for a formal camp in the future.  Volunteers/Pumpers are needed and should contact us right now.

For various reason we did not attend in 2003 and will also be too busy to attend in 2004.  Click on "our sponsor" (above) or visit www.monsternuts.com to learn more about why we're so busy, including building websites and selling products.

Please contact us with broken link information and non-working e-mail addresses.

Art?  Maybe.

Body modification? Yes.

Fun?  Definitely!

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